16 September 2009


The written word

The word on paper is not my strong point. (ed-Understatement of the decade)
Action and the spoken word - Yeah
I negotiate serious contracts with seriously educated and experienced people and I am very successfull. They write lots and lots of words of specification and standards and quality control and enviroment etc. and I tell them to write one or two riders (which they agree too) and we have a contract that works, and my company makes money.
So I earn a lot of money in USD cos I work in Africa.
I wish I could write like I can talk.
Then I would tell you that the USA is now fucking with my retirement as they are letting the USD go to shit.
All you rednecks better retire BHO in 2010 by taking his Senate and Congress away from him - OK.
Or you could email Eric and and ask him for my phone number, I could posiibly if you are not lazy find you a job around here. Not that Eric knows much about jobs, but he has my number.


... Brotherman, trust me..... if you think it hurts in Africa, you should come over HERE and see how bad the suckage is!....

GravatarI thought in SA you guys got RANDy (pay)

So you S W Guy's better vote Him out, or sort of out, in 2010.
I personally have never been unemployed in my entire life, so as I can sympathize, I cannot completely unnerstan

A while ago I sold USD and bought EURO's and I am now selling the euros to get Randy's, and I am getting a lot, that does not suck.

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