26 May 2009


Stalagtiete of stalagmiete

Today I visisted a friend and his wife.
While I was there the doorbell rung and my friend's wife jumped up and said "Oh goodie my designer is here"
So my friend and I were left in the lounge as they were redecorating the dining room.
We were called in to say that "We were happy" with the results.
I was not, and said that the walk through space was too small.
The Designer said "I can walk through there with no problem at all"
I replied "Yes you can, if you are sober and stop swaying you hips"

I am awaiting my next invitation, though.


Joan has it spot on.

Re: stalactites and stalagmites.
Know how to tell the difference?
If the mites go up the tights come down!
Joan of Argghh!
Homepage 05.26.09 - 9:29 pm #

Maeve 05.28.09 - 6:01 am #

lol Designers sure like to swish, you'de think they'd leave space allowances for prancing.
Hammer Homepage 05.28.09 - 10:15 pm

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