31 May 2009


The "Observer"

SUBTITLE: Pshycobabble

Flying from country to country as I do, the Cat's Mother and me are often apart. A fact that I regret, but nonetheless a fact.
So as I have no ulterior motives I observe what happens between males and females when and where I meet them.

As I have grown older my hearing have gone down. "Duh"

So here I was tonight in a local restourant in Pretoria in SA.
There were 3 tables inside hearing or "lip reading" distance.

Table one had a black and a european male and 2 black females. All youngsters about 30 to 35.

Table two seated a elderly fat male and two young very smart females, all european.

Table three had two moffies, one old, at a guess, about 69 or 70, and the other at about 45.

T1: I gleaned by virtue of my lip reading skills and by the fact that I can listen to conversations in Afrikaans, English and some Xhosa and Zulu and Sotho and Fanagalo (local slang spoken in the mines) that:
The Euro is the boss and that he wanted to spyker the one chick but he had to ask the other two out as well to cover that fact. He only understands English (poor dude), so they (the other three) were openly discussing, in Afrikaans and Sotho, how to use this to their best advantage.
Spykeree : "Should I ask for a increase or money for the spyker?"
2nd Female : "More money, he is very rich"
Local Male : "Much more money", that is if I translated "plenny dolla" correctly.

T2: It turned out to be a sort of anniversary: This was the 2nd year after Fat Outoppie ditched his previous wife for one of the two woman. As one off the woman had a gold ring on the ring finger of the left hand I wrongly presumed that she was the new missus. She turned out to be the daughter. The new woman had a big diamond ring of that she wore on her right hand because, as he said in Afrikaans " keep it there then your husband can't sue us"

T3: They couldn't keep their hands of each other and the left in a Jaguar. The younger mof settled the bill.

T1: The local black male got pissed and started to talk very loud. The european dude was embaressed but very horny, he called for a taxi and the other two left in it.
They were still there when I left.

T2: The daughter got her daddy to tranfer some money on his blackberry and left shortly afterwards. The Outoppie and his new girl were holding hands as I left.

I had a "Surf and Turf", that is 6 prawns and 250 g rump and enjoyed my meal and my observing.

Oh, I also had 3, or was it 4, double Klippies and Coke.



You go to much more interesting restaurants than I do.
Hammer Homepage 06.01.09 - 12:24 am #

Ditto what hammer said.
Maeve 06.02.09 - 3:14 pm #

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