08 May 2009


New Words

When accosted by ignoramus's and idiots you use fingurative language.
I am good at this.
Elisson, Vman, Joanie/AKA Gus, the deep sea diver, could use the extra N now and again.

BTW, what is it like to owe that much money?


I've come to enjoy not knowing what the fuck you are getting on about!
Joan of Argghh! Homepage 05.09.09 - 3:24 pm #

KK: Awe c'mon Gus, you Kant be stoopider than ELi!!

Stupid asshole = ignoranus.
Credit goes to Sasha Baron Cohen (AKA Ali G.) for that one - and it uses an extra "n."
English is a great language for its huge vocabulary - and the ease of coining new words. If I need a new one, I just make one up.
I wish I knew more Afrikaans. "Lul" is about it.
Elisson Homepage 05.09.09 - 3:28 pm #

KK: That fingures and it is Yo! and I love new words.

I love it when I've been away and knowing fuckall about anything and I can make shat up. And sorta fit in.
Finguratively speaking.
Kim Homepage 05.10.09 - 1:19 am #

KK: Dat is great, when I come back I have to wrack my brain to fit in, Finguratively speaking.

Keesie is my favorite short bus window licker......xoxoxo
Maeve Homepage 05.11.09 - 5:27 am #

KK: I do hope that you will drive me and the Cat's Mother arround (not the bend)

Once had a girlfriend who was a hairdresser, she gave me a fantastic cut.Ooops, sorry, I seem to have an 'N' left over, fiNguratively speaking
Ole Phat Stu Homepage 05.12.09 - 5:07 pm #

I'm finguratively lost, and no one to point the way home...
Nancy Homepage 05.19.09 - 11:29 am #

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