19 March 2009


The Street

In my street the kids play 100%/100%
You have to drive over their towns and dams and irrigation fields to get to the main street.
So I was watching these 3 kids.
Number one, all of six years old was looking after his 4 year old sister and his 2 year old brother.
They were playing "flood irrigation" right outside my gate.
I had to go nowhere so their projects were safe.
A woman, either an older sister, or the mother called and the 4 year old ran accross to get the money, which she tucked into her panty, and ran back.
As the 6 year old could not get the 2 year old on his back, he waited for his 4 year old sister to come back and help him.
The older brother and his sister helped the younger brother on to the back of the older brother.
He, as the head of this delegation, now held out his hand for the money.
She dug it out of her panty and handed it over and he hid it somewhere inside his clothing and then they trotted off.
I saw them again just before it turned dark as they returned with a plastic bag of something they bought at a shop about 2 kilometers from here.
Unless socialists get hold of them, these 3 peeps will not be asking for handouts in the years to come.

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