08 March 2009



Two new additions
Actualy a replacement and a addition

The replacement from Froth

The Biggest and Bestest

Why, Keesie, of course. 
The titular head of titular stuff. 
The shogun of schtuff. 
A deep thinker encased in crazy. 
Good crazy, mais oui. 
Not that he's wee. 
Just mai.

The addition from Nancy
It disturbs and alarms me that sometimes I read your posts and think, "well, of course."
And then I laugh. I obviously need help. But I likes ya all the same.

On to the sidebar they go
I have always said that I am so lucky to be favoured by the female, these are obviously two woman with exceptional brain capacity.
To all the males that do not understand this, tough luck.
This SWG unnerstans
...... You know, you are absolutely insane ........ and I kinda like that ...........
So does thsi guy
Agggh!!! Now I have to go boil my brain. In hydrochloric acid.
I did not mess up the spelling of this by typing thsi, it actually means This Honourable Scientific Inventor
But onto SB they go
I'm still trying to figure out what this post is about. Do you think drinking some tequila would help?
From Salty Clueless, but I love him as he vists and COMMENTS, and he is a very clued up man in real life
And from Joan
I keep staring at the screen, hoping to say something intelligible in answer to this post.

I'll let you know...

Both Joan and Bobg got slayed by a simple multi time, probably insane, self serving transexual post, I hope they stay as pure as they are now and never becomes politicians

Very impressive, and it requires way more thought than I am capable of. Sort of like calculus.

Jim - PRS Homepage 04.07.07 - 9:53 am #


have you gone completely crazy? Put the meme down and slowly step away from the keyboard.

Rex Homepage 04.07.07 - 2:01 am #

Thanks pardners

Thanks to my Mother and my Father, who tethered me to the ground, and taught me how to fly.


See you still have Winston in your sidebar; you DO know he's been dead'n'gorn this ninemonth now?

GravatarYes I know Stu.
I keep all my dead friends right there.
I don't know why, but I do. I sometimes, when the mood is right go and read some of their old posts.

GravatarSome of them are still as good as they were when they were with us. I still like dropping in at Acidman's and reading.

Gravatar... he certainly was a one of a kind, brother..... just like you...

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