01 March 2009


My endlessly fascinating life

On the 17th of December 2008, the Cat's Mother and I departed Zambia for our annual break to SA.

We had Kids to visit and properties to buy the annual medical to look forward to.

She to the P*ssy doctor and me to the D*cky Specialist.

He was only interested in my backside, but gave me the a ok.

The Doctorate of Woman’s Plumbing had other ideas though.

So to cut a short story long was his idea.

The Cat's mother underwent a major op, not so much medically as womanly.

I have had my bullets removed many moons ago, and now my wife joins me as not being able to procreate.

Now more than ever, sex becomes a recreational activity.

This whole thing led to me only, coming back to Zambia and then returning to SA for her op and then going to the DRC and then returning to SA to help her with recuperation and then going to the DRC and finally ending up here in Zambia.

No wonder KeesKennis was left to die.

The Cat's Mother is doing very well, thank you.


All the above to get to this point the 1st of March 2009


Ring.... ring...ring, on Mr. cell phone.


KeesKennis: 'Allo

Cat's Mother: Hi pumpkin, its me, how are you? and I love you sooo much and I miss you.

KK: Oh hi pumpkin I miss you and love you, how are you?

CM: The Gynecologist or as you call him the P*ssy doctor gave me the all clear and says that I have healed very well and that I can now come home, when are you booking my flights?

KK: I am so glad that you are healing so well, I will get hold of the booking office tomorrow.

CM: Now tell me about the babies, (that is our 7 cats), What did Tatsie do when you walked in after a month?

KK: Tat’s was her usual self and immediately climbed on my lap and started purring.

CM; Awww I miss her, do you think she will remember me.

KK: She will never forget you pumkin, you are the mostest cat that she ever knew.

CM: Do you really mean that?. How is our Mama Roo, is she still as plump?. Does she still allow pushy to suckle?. Is Desi and Pushy growing bigger. Oh awww I miss them so much. Do you think they will all remember me?

KK: Oh pumpkin the furry creatures love you and will always remember you.

CM: How is Bigboy, do you remember how he fought to get into our house, is he still as fierce, is he still harassing all the other cats, and do you think he will remember me?. Oh I miss him soooo much.

KK: Yes Pumpkin.

CM: And Liksie and Wiley, are they well and strong?

KK: Pumpkin I Love you and the cats love you and they are all well.

CM: Byby Pumkin, I love you and the kitties, give them all a hug for me.

I miss her and LOVE her so much. This place is empty. But she will be back next Friday.

WHOO HOOO and another WHOOO


Glad to hear all is getting better and will soon be home.

Friday can't get here quick enough!

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