03 March 2009


Is this the 5th post without a picture?


This is a safe way of releasing pent up anger.
This reminds me of something I rebember.
Dax had a post up about sex and anal sex.
Chickie, now a upright citizen of Canada, responded that it was too MALE.
Dax said this is mine you post yours.
She did.
Maeve responded somewhere that, if he put the air there he can listen to it coming out.
You go girl.
Now we know what this young lady in the picture was up to.
You go girl.

NB: Keesie searched Dax's site but could not find anything like that, maybe because I am "a violent booger eating, socialist hating moron"

I have heard of the "wayback" search machine but I'se is too stoopid.

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