22 May 2009


Hoisted - A meme not for the faint hearted

We have to celebrate the 1 and oy'nly Elisson.
He is normal.
One day, one of my Demented Engineering Buddies got into the lab supply lockers and found 16 gallons of reagent-grade ethanol. Good night, Irene! It was time to par-tay

Hoist on my own petard! Aiyeee!

He is loved.
We love blog sex symbol Elisson of Blog d'Elisson's.

He also swerves and dodges:

Better than a meme: let's call this a Schmeem.


How this got published is beyond my limited brain
"Normal" depends on who you compare yourself to.
And you, Keesie, are incomparable.
:DElisson Homepage 05.24.09 - 2:48 pm #
Ta Dude

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