10 March 2009


Free but F*cked *p

"Too many bananas" the doctor said "and cool it with the birds, you can eat more nuts though"

Just like Keeskennis Blogger is F*cked Up
The one post below this post is actually 2 posts
Blogger screwed them into one.
I have most prolly done what the geeks there have been trying to do for years.

Kees on patrol

This a snapshot from blogger manager showing 2 posts and I see only one.
But it is free, THANK YOU BLOGGER

You try doing dat(FAIL)
Keesie on the other hand is very, very expensive, or was that expansive, I'se a bit confused, or was that confussed?

That's pretty fucking strange, even for a strange bird like you.

I like the gunboat tho. Not the most stable weapons platform I ve ever seen but I'll bet it's fun to shoot.

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