12 December 2008


Special adaptation

The cat's mother took these photos of a special fancy praying mantiss


Nice looking; I always have been fond of them. How big is it?

GravatarI spent a year in Panama and I thought they had some strange creatures, but I think this has them beat.

GravatarAwesome! Makes our plain green and brown ones look sickly. Just glad they don't grow to the size of housecats..
...Man might not be at the top of the food chain.

I need a pic of you for the famous Deer Camp Blog Christmas Card.

GravatarI guess these buggers are distributed pretty well worldwide. If my memory serves me correctly, the Chinese or maybe the Japanese kept them as pets.
In their own little cages. 
Pretty catholic in their predatory habits. I once came across one feeding on a tree frog....

GravatarLovely bug!

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