28 December 2008


Political and civil intercourse

In the dogfight or maybe catfight fought at the "*mindlessly* fascinating" blog of Roberta X, the fight was prematurely called to a halt. Og was just backpedaling from a viscious Right Hook from Beck , the fight was't over but a diet started commenting and Roberta stopped the fight. Sad.
Keesie have lived in both worlds, actualy I lived in a whole range of those worlds.
I was born into being a super person in a super world of the super race in the Republic Of south Africa, despised by all and sundry.
Since then I have lived and worked in various countries, West, East and Africa.
Og is correct: In Africa and the East in tribal/religious conflicts there is no civilised baseline.
Beck is correct: I and many that I know are not about to rape and pillage, and never will.

So do we need to govern ourselves as we will or do we need a orginised level of government?
Firstly I believe that income tax is immoral and wrong and corrupt, so I pay a $1000 bribe so that I do not have to pay a $49,000 tax, is that wrong?
Corrupt, maybe, but not wrong.
Beck might go to jail for not paying the bribe or the tax, that's just stoopid.
Og might go to jail for hitting the person that proposes the bribe, that's just stoopid.

Tata from Oom Keesie for now. 

Picture Courtesy of Phil's Phun


I've never backpedalled from anything in my life, and that faggot beck couldn't land a right hook on me without nursing his knuckles for a long while after. 

On the gripping hand, I walked away from Roberta's blog rather than be rude there. I posted on my own blog and Billy wandered over there to be an ass, and has shown himself to be a typical coward. As I suspected.

I'm all about small government and low taxes and maximum freedom, and of course, anarchism won't get you there. period. beck is demonstrably a fool and i called him on it, and his way of demonstraing how "enlightened" he is was to spout off. 

Kees? I'm bummed I missed you but it looks like I may have some upcoming opportunities in Zambia, maybe we'll meet yet. 
As for civilized behavior in the west, well, most people in Zambia (MOST) were far more civil to me than anyone in America. One has but to commute in Chicago for about a week to understand the truth of this.

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