24 December 2008


From a bare patch of ground

The Cat's Mother created this from bare ground.
And whe whe She is married to me.
And She can cook as well.

A veggie patch is allright but a garden like this soothes and feeds the soul.


It's lovely, Keesie. And you are a lucky bastard!

GravatarThe Missus has done a truly wonderful job Kees. I did the same kinda thing whilst in Sondu & you can't help but feel a sense of pride when everything grows & takes shape. *sigh* I had a garden in Africa............

Have a great Christmas & all the very best for the New Year to you both.

GravatarNice looking place to sit and do some navel gazing...

Absolutly STUNNING! She probably needs a nice calm area like that to put up with some of your shenanigans!

.... many mambas?...

GravatarLandscape Architects beware. You have met your match and in fact, been bettered.

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