14 November 2008


Six Degrees of Freedom

Stew Savory or as he now calls himself Eurowussie tagged me into/onto/to do a meme

Six Degrees of Freedom

You can read the rulse at his place; I don't do rules very well.


And to get as wide a variety of answers as possible, I'm tagging :-

Enoia's meme reads more like a “brag”, and is really wow!

The one aspect of life where I generally stand out is Stupidity.

Not drooling stupid, but STUPID to do as I damn well please in spite of warnings that it may/will hurt or that it is dangerous, or that it will make you look stupid.

So my meme has a subtitle


I will try to remember random stupid things that I have not blogged about before.

1) You never forget the FIRST time you roll a vehicle whilst you are racing on a racetrack in reverse.

Circa 1973 in Datsun vans around Scribante circuit in PE and again in old Chevy Impalas in Pretoria. The second time involved no alcohol and the cars were adapted for bump car racing.

2) You always remember the feeling of panic as the water starts pissing into the the Volkswagen past the old rotten door seals in the Volkswagen that you are testing to see if it really floats, always.

Circa 1980 at the Vaal Dam on the Free State side at the Willem Pretorius Reserve. The Volla floated for 11 minutes and I opened the window before it sank so I had no problem getting the door open and escaping. We rescued the Volla the next day and two days later we were using it as a car again.

3) I designed, patented and built a balanced rig for a sailboat. While testing in a fresh breeze the forestay snapped and wrapped the jib around me and tossed me into the ocean. Subsequent testing and calculations showed that the forestay should have been 7 times stronger than my wild guess. I almost joined the "Darwin Awards Cub" that day.

This was in 1994. The rig solved certain problems around mast interference in the airflow but as we later found out it was only effective up to about 13 knots and thereafter was more inefficient.

4) I a country now called Namibia I drove around in a Volkswagen beach buggy. I also had a girlfriend that was the worst possible backseat driver that you ever could find. So instead of calling it quits I prepared the Bitch Buggy by taking off the nut that holds down the steering wheel and clamping a vise grip wrench on to the steering column, so that it pointed to a point between my knees.

As we were driving around and she was up to her normal, "slow Down", "watch that", Left here", and such, I grabbed hold of the wrench with one hand and passed the steering wheel to her with the words "Here, you want to drive, drive"

The "Vice Grip" wrench gave me enough control to steer the beach buggy at a fair pace while she was crying into her own peepee and snot whilst hysterically hugging the steering wheel

We never spoke to each other again.


5) I have broken my arms in four places and a serious break in each leg and many fingers and toes.

6) "Hold my beer and watch this"

As always anyone who wants to, can do this meme.


Thanks for doing the meme!

Nr.4 is hilarious

The only experience I can share is that of breaking multiple bones (by stalling a hang glider, in my case).

Eunoia Homepage 11.15.08 - 7:05 am #

Yeah, I love that Namibia story! I can't stand backseat drivers.

Mike LaRoche Homepage 11.15.08 - 9:35 am #

6) "Hold my beer and watch this"

Heh.......I can identify with that one.

Maeve 11.15.08 - 9:39 pm #

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