22 October 2008


No "You know who" I do not.

Half a lifetime ago I posted this.

Growing up cool & the law
I repeat it below.

And now I get a comment accusing me "I think you are telling long, sappy tales"

He posts from Canada, but he was searching for "langplaas". Furthermore he talks of a police station being 10 km away, why then you are living in town, and "electric fences", WTF.
"You know who", I do not think that you have been to Namibia at all.

Three tough pictures to weave together in one story.

OK, so here is KeesKennis just finding his feet.

I left the family protective unit and developed a thick skin.

"Die LangPlaas" translates into "The LongFarm",
This actually means a road in a urban area.

KeesKennis was earning in spending power in Africa today about USD 190 per month and made three decisions:
: I will not starve.
: The Cops will not catch me.
: I will not ask my family for help.

So I regularly went hunting on the LangPlaas.

I bagged many smaller meat-bearing animals.

So one day I bagged a eland as shown above while riding a Matchless 500 Single motorbike at 2:30 in the morning, about twenty yards from the road, standing still in my headlight.
This is an animal that is bigger than a big cow (beef)

The rush to get a SUV and friends to help pick up the animal and conceal the traces of the illegal hunt was epic.

One friend went to buy a sheep from a "friendly" farmer.
Another came with his dad's pickup with a winch.
We skinned and cut up the eland at my place and distributed the meat to any freezer but mine.
We then skinned and cut up the sheep on the same spot and placed the portions in my freezer.

The Cops, having heard the shot, and knowing that I hunted on the Langplaas, came around and after investigating, had a beer with me.

I am truly glad that CSI new York was not around.

Pics from Vearl.

Two GENTLEMEN, Guyk and Ellison, amongst the many gentlemen and ladies in my readership left a comment at Pumkin 1, I thank you.
And also many thanks to Ellison for bending down and scratching me behind the ears by linking me.


I think you are telling long, sappy tales. My stepfather was the owner of Langplaas and if you even tried to get over the first of the 6 foot fences you would have been electrocuted. Also, since the nearest police station is more than 10km away and the Eland grazed on the northern part of the farm, that would have had to be a really, really thunderous shot.

Better luck next time.

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