26 October 2008


Maxx on Maxx

Over at the Anti Strib Maxx-Dog posted a post.

He has a commie liberal commenting
Yes, we have a progressive system. I think that's a good thing. But, either way, it's simply not as outrageous as you want it to be."

Maxx answers

"I think a flat tax would be the most fair. Everyone pay 15% fed tax. Maybe if more people had a stake in this country they would look at the issues seriously instead of voting for the douchebag who promises to give them shit for free.

Back to Keeskennis:
I have paid more in USD or percentages to others as off my own free will than any of the two gentleman above.
(I'm just talking my ass here but from my personal knowledge normal Americans earn small amounts of money)
I have managed to dodge taxes for twenty years.
I have however paid for 6 local peeps to start their own enterprises, paid for 4 individuals (not my kids) to attain college qualifications, and more.
A moral man does not need a  progressive system of taxes.


We have more than one douchebag there who spews drivel and insults the intelligence of everyday working people but who would we beat on and ridicule if we didn't have socialist dweebs?
Thanks for the headliner Kees and thanks for the voice from someone who has seen the disaster of socialism. We need all the help we can get to defeat The One.

GravatarYou are welcome.
The hardest cries come from those who claim that "they did not see it coming" despite all the warnings.

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