25 October 2008


A man's word

I've taken stick; 
I've come out on top, mostly. 
A Time ago Vman said, enjoy BHO whilst he is fucking you, or go and find Noah's Ark on a hill and raise some bison next to it. 
I say FUCK BHO. I have existed and lived under and with the following: 
Verwoerd: I was too young to vote, I belonged to the CORRECT RACE AND CHURCH though.
Botha: "I believe" (Ek glo), that meant that you believed or else you were fucked. 
de klerk: a bimbo in limbo, who could not fight his way out of a wet paper napkin, but had a big dick. 
mandela: a Communist and a story to tell, and a small dick. 
Mbeki: A gentleman and a scholar but a black soul and a small c communist and a big dick.

Jonas Savimbii: In the beginning he was a great people's person but as he felt more and more persecuted he lost it all to his small dick. (He had plenty wives and plentitudes of children). He also killed a lot of children in orphanages. I waged a war with this man as my sidekick. He was not a COMMUNIST.
Me and him touched twice, one weak handshake
and a wipe by HIM over my shoulder and ear
Hastings Kamuzu Banda - Malawi
Under his rule, Chichewa became the national language in Malawi.
I paid a special tax as I could only speak Afrikaans and English.
I could either pay it or leave, I chose to stay.
He, HKB, had a passion for white prostitutes, not that there is anything wrong with that, of course.
He also declared that the USD was equal to the ZAR. This was while Botha above was backing him with money and troops. Thank fuck I was old enough to understand and miss this.
The economy is now in tatters.
Except for a holiday visit I had the luck to miss this arch Communist.
I now live withen 100 meters from one of his folly's, the half, make that 10%, FREEDOM?INDEPENDANCE STADIUM. You can view this 10% stadiums in all the cities and towns of this great country
This man fucked up a, thank you very much, functioning and tax paying industry (Industries)?.
He also ran the mining industry, after nationlising, into the fucking ground, you would expect someone that grew up herding goats, to have some respect for the ground. WTF am I thinking?
The economy is now in tatters.
I have more samples if you want.
I also tried to leave comment at J o A
 but she did not want it, or maybe it was blogger.
Anyway Joan, here we have your cadre of Robber Baron's, get used to it and use the system and milk it.
I have not paid taxes (except VAT) for the past 20 years or more.


For Stu and DoF



My Rhymes Of The Day
November Four
You have to dig for Ore
You don't need a Whore
You've been here Before
And you can close the Door
On this filthy Chore
Of an Obama  Bore
You can Score
November Four
This election Day
You can say, Hey
You fuckin racist, sexist Gay
I will not let you have your Way
My first ammendment rights are here to Stay
And all I can Say
Get the fuck out of my Way
This election day
What shall I do with my morning glory Pee?
Mcain makes me Droop
Sarah makes me Whoop
Obama thinks he's got me in a Loop
Biden makes me Poop
I'll vote for the GOP
I am the One
The Brightest One
The Wisest One
A ten percent Lead
Have got Mcain Beat
Why do I feel the Heat?
I thought heaven had Come
Am I not the One?
Surely, I am Gone
Michelle is my Mate
Why does she Hate?
We have done so Swell
Why is this going to Hell
Maybe her Airs
Is the same as Bill Ayers
And "kill your Parents"
Is not the same as running Errands
so all we have on our Plate
Is Hate.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. ~Aristotle

Which is why I read your blog 

GravatarWell said young man.

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