31 October 2008


Black Hole Optometrist’s

By the time that scientists from the Hubble Space Centre realised that the Hubble Space Telescope was working again after a month of striking for more and better conditions (more oxygen comes to mind, nevermaaind sex every now and again), the eyeball fixture of the Hubble was pointing in the wrong direction.

We would never, nevah know this from the Hubble Space Centre, They are too very muchos Barackily Correct.

Oh Boy Oh boy, they gotten it all so wrooong.

They, with the scope all pointing the wrong way picked up a MAJOR Black hole in Zimbabwe, either Mugabe's or his opponents. Although The HSC would not clarify, your humble blogger can ascertain, that it was positively Mugabe's as it was hundreds of miles across.

As they struggled to right teh HST they inadvertently moved south (+_ 38093.4v and 35678h) and picked up Mongasuthu's ear, panic ensued and they then got the nether regions of Zuma, the craters in his logic stopped progress for another few hours.


You know, I don't know why I give Instapundit any credit or links at all, he never links back, it is, well, like a black hole.

And now, all of a sudden I have this feeling that "they" are getting tighter with their scrutiny.

Well they, the HST centre twisted a few redistribution dials  and finally focused on teh Black Hole Optrometrist's galaxy (located North of Mexico)  and saw the biggest black hole, bigger even than they could imagine. Besides the normal restrictive rules this BHO would not even let the minutest bit of tax escape. This BHO was so restrictive  that the black holes of Mugabe&Monghasutu&Zuma&Mbeki combined paled (pardon the pun) into insignificance. 


After all this they did manage to Photoshop this onto us.


Isn't science just marvelous?

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