30 October 2008


Anuder dude

I do worry about personal libberty, yes I do, really.

But please shit dude or dudess look at the words below.

I’m Will Mellor and I’m in Barbados,” says Will Mellor, standing, for the purposes of authenticity, in Barbados. In the first of this “groundbreaking new series”, the star of Two Pints of Lager and a jacket of Crisps spends four nights at the island’s Dodds Prison: a monumentally depressing institution in which deprivation replaces rehabilitation, frustrated intellects fizz like fermenting apples, and the most popular pastime involves stuffing one’s foreskin with melted balls of plastic.

Source: Guardian UK

is as it may be yous that have intelects and youse that have idees of rhabilitations, please LISTEN.


and also the writer can get a degree by reading Vman, although our man and hero can learn from stuffing one’s foreskin with melted balls of plastic.

(how this links etc works is pure html evil}

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