11 September 2008


What is Keesie doing?

He is taking 150 mg of bupropion hydrochloride every morning and every night.



Boy, do I have clever readers or do I have very clever readers.
Yes I am stopping smoking, not trying.

As an antidepressant or as an aid to stopping smoking?
Ole Phat Stu Homepage 09.11.08 - 5:50 pm #

Trying to stop smoking?
BobG Homepage 09.11.08 - 7:17 pm #

Must be depressed because it is closed season on the elephants...and if it is to help ya quit smoking just buy some Skoal..worked for me..my lungs are better but my breath is worse and my teeth started to fall out...
GUYK Homepage 09.12.08 - 1:59 am #

How is it working? I quit cold turkey when I had a heart attack; your way sounds less painful.

GravatarJust smoke a joint or 4 everyday and you'll forget where you left your cigarettes. No problem, mon.

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