22 September 2008


I could have lived in New York - A new meme


If it was like this


Now here is a dare or challenge for my readers.
Replace one of these old piccies with a new one.
I doesn't have to come from NY or even depict the same scene.
My take.


Building Empire State

Can be replaced by this

Ground Zero Spirit

Call me a poepol, that is OK.

Anybody playing?

Via Billy Beck

This youngster is worrying as he is correct but too late, which is not as easy as it seems.

I am sure Erica can find Brooklyn pic's to replace.
The governor of New York for instance, come on Girl, we ain't got aaaall day janow.
All you other peeps from NY and environs, you better show your mettle, or not, fuckin sissies.

I just smoked up an hour enjoying the pics. Thanks.

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