04 September 2008


Help Elisson choose

I found this piccie on the interwebs.

And I had to make it easier for Elisson to view.

My choice for him is CC 012 Fruit, kinda fitting I think.

I do not think that he would choose the CO 009, disgusting that it is advertised.

Please leave your choice for him in the comments.


I saw plenty of swastikas in Taiwan, where they were decorative motifs on Buddhist temples.But this colander intrigues me.

Just what sort of pasta would you drain in a swastika colander, anyway...little Pasta-Schwastikas?


Elisson Homepage 09.04.08 - 4:49 pm #

Just to improve your eye for detail, the lucky 'good' swastikas are left-handed hero-wise, and the nazi 'bad' swastikas are right-handed.

Just look at the way the corners go.

Not many people know that, and thus confuse the two.

Ole Phat Stu Homepage 09.04.08 - 11:00 pm #

Believe it or not, I know about the significance of the clockwise (evil Nazi) versus the counterclockwise (benign Buddhist) swastika.

I noticed that the colanders in the original pic were evil...but after Keesie flipped 'em, they were benign. Which only shows that colanders should be worn on the head (or at least Photoshopped).

Elisson Homepage 09.05.08 - 5:22 pm #

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