23 September 2008


Godspeed Bane

A BaneBlast no more.
I will miss you Bro, but I am glad that your pain is gone.

I have never met or spoken to him but we had a blog relationship that I will surely miss.
Read here and here why he will be missed.

Alaka Kim left this at Bane's Blog.

The Little Ship

I stood watching as the little ship sailed out to sea. The setting sun tinted his white sails with a golden light, and as he disappeared from sight a voice at my side whispered, "He is gone".

But the sea was a narrow one. On the farther shore a little band of friends had gathered to watch and wait in happy expectation. Suddenly they caught sight of the tiny sail and, at the very moment when my companion had whispered, "He is gone" a glad shout went up in joyous welcome, "Here he comes!"
Alaska Kim | 09.23.08 - 1:16 pm | #

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