22 September 2008


DOF Response

Hi DOF thank you for the response, dut never take me too seriously, OK.


GravatarIt's a little unclear where posts and comments begin and end, but since I have been mentioned here is a response. You can decide if it is a strong one or not.

I've said repeatedly on my own blog that being distracted by SP's gender is the wrong course. She is a religious nut - believes that Alaska will be some kind of Mecca for the end times (and that the end times are a good thing) and that witches really exist, and that the world is only 7.000 years old. That matters to the extent that it would affect policy, and I think she would let it. 

She claims to know something about economics even though she ran a state where money bubbles out of the ground and the highest national rate of earmarks per capita flows in alongside it. She is cavalier about war with Russia, as her running mate is about war with Iran. She seems incurious about foreign policy - didn't even know what the Bush doctrine was, never made an independent study of foreign policy issues after college that anyone can tell. 

She can't get Alaska's energy-production straight, let alone America's or the world's.

People are calling her Reagan Reborn. Listen, I voted for Reagan, once, and whatever I dislike about the man he really was governor of one of the largest economies in the world. California's economy is something like 40 times that of Alaska and is 
far more diversified.

All crude and inappropriate jokes about her appearance aside - please! - and what is left is an ideologue with very unimpressive record and social positions that I find abhorrent. Disagree with me if you like but I just don't think she'd be a good president. 

Republican campaign information about Obama's record has been - understated, to say the least. He's done very well for Illinois and is great at getting opposing sides together. When McCain says he "hasn't reached out across the aisle" that is verifiably quite some distance from the truth. As in, "Not true". 

You like Palin? You can have her. We need a person with extraordinary energy and ability in the top job. McCain is - sorry, but it's true - just too old, whatever his previous accomplishments this job ages everyone who takes it by 25 years at least. 

As for me being a 'lib' sure, I'm liberal about some things - gay marriage, or health care for example. And conservative about others - I hate corporate welfare and subsidies no matter if they come from a Democrat or a Republican. And I don't think wanting a balanced budget is either liberal or conservative; I just don't want my kids to have to pay the debts of my generation.


If I failed to disgust or ignore or belittle anybody, please let me know, and I will rectify that, p

GravatarHe's done very well for Illinois and is great at getting opposing sides together.

Like when The One falsely slanders his opponents as racists, while maintaining friendships with unrepentant domestic terrorists? I suppose that is "reaching across the aisle" in a way, across the aisle to the boobyhatch.

And calling Palin a religious nut? Please. Religious nuts are people who scream "God damn America" and blame whitey for all the world's ills, as are those who listen to such tripe (and repeat it) for twenty years without complaint, except when it becomes politically expedient.

GravatarObama has never won anything-- respect, votes, or money-- without pulling someone else down in order to do it. 

Long before I knew much about the One, I knew all I wanted to know and I said so. I see the McCain camp today is following my lead: Obama's just another fucking Chicago politician.

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