21 September 2008


And as a natural follow on for DA MAN = DA vMAN

... severered ..

In my view, Sarah is intolerable to many because she has radically upended the definition of “feminism” in a way that appeals to many ordinary working women and mothers (like Mrs. Michael), but disempowers many others who, heretofore, have blithely presumed to speak for women.

Left-wing feminists have a hard time dealing with strong, successful conservative women in politics such as Margaret Thatcher. Sarah Palin seems to have truly unhinged more than a few, eliciting a stream of vicious, often misogynist invective.

On Salon.com last week, Cintra Wilson branded her a “Christian Stepford Wife” and a “Republican blow-up doll.” Wendy Doniger, religion professor at the University of Chicago Divinity School, added on the Washington Post blog, “Her greatest hypocrisy is in her pretense that she is a woman.”  [Emphasis supplied.]

It is very easy as Vman will choose and then all of us the "insipeds" will follow.
If he the Man do not tell us, how do we know where to "HEAD" to?
(Does that say fu for previous?)
Madingo is ever present, watch out.
Yor car K = OK

Goeie naand almal, al is wel.

Acka Acka Acka!

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