01 June 2008



What is it about "stupid" that makes it so popular in the modern world.
I watched the Italian MotoGP and of course Valentino won, he is the best after all, never mind what This Aussie says.
Then as I had a hour or so to spare before another engagement, I watched Mythbusters.
The Myth to be busted:
"A plane taking off from a conveyor belt that is going in the opposite direction of the plane at the same speed as the plane will not take off"
Well, anybody that even contemplates this as being true, does not have the right DNA to become a scientist.
Wheel speed has fuckall to do with it.
Perhaps Stu can entertain us about why it is not good practice to fly small aeroplanes underneath power and telephone lines as I have done countless of times.
The plane took off, much to the consternation of the pilot.
You can take a horse to the water but you can't make it drink.
Part two of this post.
A guy and his girl asked about renting camels to go into the desert for a two week period.
Camel Renting Agency Employee : "Did you say two weeks?"
Guy: "Yes we have to do 15 days in fact, I am studying for a PHD in the Sex Life of Sand Gnats and my girlfriend has a Masters in Basket Weaving and would like to see if the sun has any effect on her fair skin, to propose this study towards her PHD"
CRAE: "Camels can only do 7 days without water."
Guy: "Oh."
Girl: "Oh, oh."
CRAE: "We can however at a slight increase of the daily rate and a small extra charge prepare the camels for 16 day period without water."
Guy: "That is great, we have have grants from several big universities in the USA and as this is crucial research and we will pay the extra."
Girl: "Super, how do you prepare the camels for the extra time without water"
CRAE: "It is very simple, we take the camels down for their normal weekly drink and when they are finished a Camel Renting Agency Employee grabs the camel by the head and holds the head underwater, at the same time another Camel Renting Agency Employee grabs two flat stones and slams the camels balls between them. As any male knows the camel will then suck up enough water to last another ten days at least."
Girl:"OOH, shame, doesn't that hurt?"
CRAE: "Yeah you have to be carefull not to catch your thumbs between the stones."


I learned to cropspray in the US deep south. They had a poor mexican bastard in a plastic poncho bearing a pole at each end of the field. Basically, you aimed at him, at 20 feet up, hopefully releasing the spray trigger just before - rather than after - passing over his pole.Then you pulled up for the vertical turn. Meanwhile, he walked over one pole-length. You then dived down at him, turning the spray back on just after - rather than before - passing over his pole. Repeat many times to improve your accuracy on altitude, turns and course.
Poor greenback. I wouldn't have wanted HIS job for love nor money (which was mere pittance anyway).
Often wondered just how poisonous or carcogenic that stuff was . . .Ole Phat Stu Homepage 06.02.08 - 9:41 pm #

Stu, when I was flying, before I had my license to do so, it was on a farm in the then Northern Transvaal region of the RSA.
Wake up at 04:30, breakfast, fuel and check plane, load poison, final checks, take off and spray by 05:30, you had to get your flying day in before the day heated up and had to be finished by 09:00.
Then you had to start a tractor and start plowing.
All in a days work. I was 14 years old.
keeskennis Homepage 06.02.08 - 6:30 pm #

ps. yOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE THIS VIDEO .-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v...h? v=vPAM10V8rkEOle Phat Stu Homepage 06.02.08 - 3:12 pm #

Depends on the precision with which you can fly. One of the fixed wing exercises I do when training wannabee rallye pilots is to have them fly down the runway at an altitude of 1 foot. Then I count how often they bump the wheels and how often they go above 3 feet (subjective estimate). One of the helicopter exercises is to hover at 2 feet for 10 minutes. Thermals make both difficult.When I'm cropspraying I never go below 10 feet, so as not to top any surprised lovers just standing up in the long grass . I don't fly through gaps narrower than 3 times the width of the wings either.
Ole Phat Stu Homepage 06.02.08 - 2:18 pm #

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