13 April 2008


What? OK Blame me

You start a blog, you are an African hick, women and men misunderstand you, you get some breaks and the feaces hit a swirling device (see below)

No this is not a pigment of my imagination.

The above must be some American animal, maybe from Mmissssisippppeee or somewhere.
Can you win?
Life is tough and then you die, but before you do that you have a plaintiff cry, will Elisson give me a dedicated, hit getting link ever again.
Maybe this yougnster is correct and I am an rampant attention whore.
I rest my case.

Hell, when I got here there was just one pic, no words, just a tapir.
See why I'm cornfused all the time?
That other pic looks like a true attention whore, too.
Joan of Argghh! Homepage 04.14.08 - 4:09 am #
Jeebus Ms Joan you were very fast.
Were you talking about Elisson or the grunter.
keeskennis Homepage 04.13.08 - 10:41 pm #
Either that, or a pig too ugly to barbeque.
Joan of Argghh! Homepage 04.13.08 - 10:16 pm #

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