15 April 2008



The slow and carefull intimidation of Cowboy Blob is starting to work.

The Ninth Stage wins with:

I know it's supposed to be non-lethal, but with that New York trigger I think I just squeezed one off in my pants.

Runner-up Kees wins a link with this photoshop.

Congrats to The Ninth Stage.

Go and vist Blob and scare him some more and tell him nice things about KeesKennis.

All Hail to the Blob

This guy and his wife is discussing some new Olympic promo condoms that he bought.
He: "I think we should use the Gold first"
She: "Why don't we go with the Silver first?"
He: "Any reason for Silver?"
She: "I would like you to come second for a change"


As I was typing that joke I wondered if any of my male readers can tell us a story when he wore an Bronze condom.


Irish gays take the bronze,when they come in turd
Ole Phat Stu Homepage 04.15.08 - 2:16 pm #

Giggling like a kid here Stu. TOOOO funny.
keeskennis Homepage 04.15.08 - 2:47 pm #

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