21 April 2008


On my way to work

This morning as I was driving to work I saw this for sale next to the road.

I believe they are, or were rather, Gaboon Vipers.

And yes they are destined to be eaten later today.

Quite nice meat.

Here in the DRC where hunger is everywhere and the farming has been disrupted by war, I don't know what my feelings are about this.

I am sorry for the snakes and the people, but the people come first.

Also if you live on the ground in a grass hut, killing snakes is the sensible thing to do.



mmm a pot,some chili powder and a can of beer and I could make even that taste good.

hammer Homepage 04.23.08 - 7:13 am #


One early morning in Oklahoma, I was waiting with the crew by the trucks, waiting for the owner to come out of his house and issue marching orders. He finally came out, in his robe and pj's, and a cup of coffee, and came down the slope, through the trees, and about halfway down, he gave this weird little hop up into the air, and came down to us, sipping his coffee.

He pointed at me and told me to get a damned shovel and get up there and kill that fucking copperhead he had just jumped over.

Another time, we were digging a trench to put in a Conoco pipeline, and a portion of it collapsed. So I went into town and into a black bar and asked who wanted to make some money digging, and got me a truckload of black guys for the day.

I was down there with them, in this deep (over head high) trench, supervising, and digging, and down the trench a ways, I saw that the biggest damn cottonmouth I had ever seen had fallen in, cuz snakes are dumb. And he was mad as can be, and slithering along, trying to get out, then slithering some more, and fast as heck, and like I said, as big as a damn good sized boa constrictor.

The blacks saw it about the same time I did, and oh my, you should have heard the screaming, and watched them try to claw their way out of that hole. They went totally spastic.

And we only had one ladder. And I knew I wasn't gonna make it in time. So I swung the shovel like a bat, and hit that big bastard in a head the size of my shoe, and when he went flat I took it off with the blade. I drug it up and out of the trench, and let them have a break to get their shit together, and then sent them back in to work.

And I went over and hid the snake under the back seat of the crew cab.

Now there was a gift that kept on giving, I'm here to tell you.

Bane Homepage 04.23.08 - 12:37 am #


My stomach mostly.

keeskennis Homepage 04.22.08 - 12:57 am


You work?

GUYK Homepage 04.21.08 - 7:28 pm #


Make some nice belts out of those. And they're big enough to make a couple of good meals.

BobG Homepage 04.21.08 - 5:08 pm #

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