29 April 2008


On being a politician

On Day 1 a politic body would offer this picture as a sample of the poor exploited cat that have to watch as lions walk of with the prey.
On Day 2 he would say that he is sorry for the dirt marks on the computor screen and that they do not reflect the dirty marks on his Character.
On Day 3 he would reflect on the need for further laws to make dirty screens unlawfull.

On Court day he would confess that the marks on the screen are in actual fact honey that he put there himself to get the cat to show some interest in the computer screen, to get this photo.
But he would argue that he mispoke and was quoted mispokenly.


I thought I saw a putty tat!
BTW Kees you've been tagged!
MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 04.30.08 - 5:58 am #

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