23 April 2008


Now you see me now you don't

What should your lead be with a 3030 at 50 yards?
Well yes, I did do it in my head, but by the method of similar triangles, not the algebra you used Kees. Sadly it took me longer than the 3/4 of a second that the pig would have been visible in your photo, let alone the reaction time to see it crossing and the time to get the gun into position on my shoulder.
I'm a better archer than I am a rifleman.
Ole Phat Stu Homepage 04.26.08 - 7:24 pm #

Yup that figures, your shorter lead would have the piggie tumbling with a shoulder shot.
keeskennis Homepage 04.26.08 - 9:54 am #

depending on the lead load the Remington 7mm mag delivers at somewhere around 3000 feet per second...I used to use 150 grain for most deer and elk loads and stepped up to 180 for moose and black bear. 150 is a little heavy for out pronghorn unless you happen to be a crack shot and make a neck or spine shot.
GUYK Homepage 04.26.08 - 12:27 am #

BobJust shows my complete lack of gunny technicalities, I just shoot them.I thought we in SA called it a .303 and in the States you called it a 30-30
I guess it is a case of mistaken identity.
And yes mine was of WW2 vintage.
keeskennis Homepage 04.25.08 - 5:26 pm #

I've got an old 303 that was my dad's; more powerful cartridge than a 30-30, and a nice old gun.
BobG Homepage 04.25.08 - 5:16 pm #

Guyk and BobG
As a youngster with the only rifle I had, as we called it a point 303, I shot and killed hundreds of these warthogs.
On the lead, both Guyk and Stu would hit the pig.
With a 3030 bullet traveling at 600m/s and the pig doing 11m/s (40 km/h) the two is destined to meet at a point 1 yard in front of where the pig is now.
I dont know how fast the 7mm remington mag is.
Of course Stu did the calculation in his head.
This is the first time in my life that I have ever calculated a lead.
keeskennis Homepage 04.25.08 - 5:01 pm #

About a yard?
Ole Phat Stu Homepage 04.25.08 - 7:42 am #

A 30-30 is ok for deer, but I'll go with something a little more ballsy for a critter that might get aggressive. My ought-six comes to mind.
BobG Homepage 04.24.08 - 6:35 pm #

depends on how far I have to run to get to the pickup. I am not sure a .30-30 is enough gun here. With a 7mm Remington Mag about six inches of lead should get a shoulder shot
GUYK Homepage 04.24.08 - 12:14 am #

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