16 April 2008


*****More linky laughs*****

The Lost Fart of Blogging

Bob can write.

This cracked me up completely.

Scrabble Play

Joyce: There! I just added four letters to your word and covered the triple-word score. Thirty-three points!
Bob: Ummm, dear -- do you know what that word means?
Joyce: Don't worry, it's a word -- I looked it up in the Scrabble dictionary.
Bob: I wasn't questioning whether it's a word. I was just curious if you knew its meaning.
Joyce: It's one of those Italian ice creams, or something -- right?
Bob: No, that would be GELATO. FELLATIO is more like a Popsicle.


The funniest part of the joke is that my innocent Joyce would never play one of "those" words.
Bob Homepage 04.21.08 - 1:17 am #

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