17 April 2008


A link is a link and to be lauded

Dazd, the guy at the bottom in the piccie above, says he didn't understand what Keekennis stood for, I am truly Dazed, and then there was some talk of drinking, I couldn't follow that, but who am I to debate.

Thankz Dazd


hahahaha Awesome Kees!
Dazd Homepage 04.18.08 - 3:34 pm #

Now that's to funny. Hey Dazd... You look a little confused.
Becky Homepage 04.18.08 - 5:06 am #

That pretty much looks like I will be in July at OTL.... Good thing I have good friends going with to make sure I get back to my room.
Ralphd00d Homepage 04.18.08 - 1:26 am #

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