25 April 2008


.... he is a wordy kind of guy .....

....... so I will post the picture to go with this post from the Straight White Sloth ........

..... mind you with his wordsmithing skills he doesn't need pictures .........

.... now if you could find an albino one of those, you'd be just about perfect..... heh heh....

Eric Homepage 04.25.08 - 5:39 pm #

OK Gentleman and Ladies, he walked SRAIGHT into the trap, I mean he asked for it didn't he?

This is how the Great White Sloth wants to be potrayed
Hey Eric, dude, I am sorry about the genitalia, no slur intended, but straight albino male sloths do not like to pose, must be a military thing.
Yes, lovely ain't she?
keeskennis Homepage 04.26.08 - 12:15 am #
... good god.... that's a female?....
Eric Homepage 04.26.08 - 12:00 am #

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