18 April 2008


Growing up is tough

Like Guyk says: "Injuring your left hand removes 50% of your sex life"
Oh yes he says that, look at the last sentance.
Yep, it did at 13...but when I was about 16 I dsicovered that all I had to do was sit in a class room and lick my eyebrows...
GUYK Homepage 04.20.08 - 3:06 am #

That kid may get jump-started into puberty.
BobG Homepage 04.19.08 - 8:32 pm #

I was going to comment, but suddenly I am very hungry. Gone to get a bite or two...
Winston Homepage 04.18.08 - 11:43 pm #
My goodness! She seems like the friendly type.
maxx Homepage 04.20.08 - 9:41 pm #

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