12 April 2008


Good Peeps - Number 1 in a series of Many

As it is the weekend, and during the weekends I am relieved from the duty of using my brain, for my company, I will indulge in some Psycho predictions for this poor blog.
IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, 6 traits expressed as percentages in the following ranges.
And I will group them in Brains, The BIG dudes, My Peeps, Good Guys and Dolls, and OTHERS.

Whenever I meet these people I have to have an opening defence, OK.
They are all being judged against a man who is never wrong, never offside, and allways correct, and will always score less than me, OK.

The Brains first.

B:RAINS. 90%. Fom memory "The organic chemical students used to suffer but 'We' ate that simplistic stuff for breakfast.
BA:LLS: 80%. All Michealangelo and ancient stuff, but not skeeered.
C:ONSISTANCY. 40%. He lapses into his undying love for SWMBO, and is therefore to be trusted more and more
S:TUPIDITY. 100%. He is a natural asshole.
R:ELEVANCE. 10%. He does not even try.
F:UNNY CONTENT. 7%. He has a ...... HA HA HAW, BWA, HAW HAW o god pleese.

B:RAINS. 90%. Just read his blog.
BA:LLS. 69%. A chance on a guy I might not be able to judge.
S:TUPIDITY. 0%. He does not even like Ronald Raegen. (Spelling?!!)
R:ELEVANCE. 43%. Some Democrats counts.
F:UNNY CONTENT. 2.5%. Except when he doesn't realise it and he slays me


B:RAINS. 91%. Nostalgia isn't what it used to be, sometime we wonder.
BA:LLS. Plenty, I mean he has a english BULLDOG, a GERMAN WIFE and He rides moterized bikes at more than 100 mph, and pilots his own plane, so his stupidty scores have to reflect this
C:ONSISTANCY. 99.3%. He will not succumb to Dubya hatred, he will NOT. ()
S:TUPIDITY. 100% minus BA:LLS above = 69%.
R:ELEVANCE. 0%. Unless he can dial in to the Diebold machines
F:UNNY CONTENT. 14%. This asshole (arsehole) does not even try
F:UNNY CONTENT TWO: 100%. HE, the Famous STU, has me on his WEEEEEEKLY visit list, that's so funny.


B:RAINS. 91%.
BA:LLS. 100%, Anyone who wants to say otherwise , will die, SWEETHING will take care of the details.
C:ONSISTANCY. 99.3%. He throws your believe system in your face.
S:TUPIDITY. 3%. He does not like any orginized religion.
R:ELEVANCE. 68%. If all American brains are not cooked.
F:UNNY CONTENT. 24%. He links to me every so often, bless his ornery soul.

THIS SERIES WILL CONTINUE and will be evaluated as the responces come in, this is my blog after all.

All peeps laughing at Keesie's discomfort at this stage are encouraged to do this via their own bloggrolls.

OK, Ok, OK.So I'll give you some humour tomorrow, OK?
Ole Phat Stu Homepage 04.15.08 - 2:19 pm #

Guyk: No insults past or present, just a bit of fun.
Becky: Just wait.keeskennis Homepage 04.13.08 - 8:49 am #

I'm glad I didn't make the cut.
Becky Homepage 04.13.08 - 4:31 am #

hmmmm, I ain't sure if I have been insulted or not..thanks , I think
GUYK Homepage 04.13.08 - 2:34 am #

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