16 April 2008


Fluck Erisson in Japan

He gets these cute woman to substitute for for him.
From hizownself's blog

Hah! Now I've got Miz Boudicca wearing colanders.
My work here is done.
Erisson Homepage 04.15.08 - 3:45 am #

Hi Miz Boudicca dear,
Please come and drive my ratings.

Here at this blog all you have to do is not post pictures that is not political. Period. That is all.
I verry much like your latest headline

"If People Get Paid for Sex... Why Not?"

The last help that I got around here got it all wrong

The next one went overboard

I am going on leave at the end of this month, please help me out.

I am also asking Elica to substitute for me, but she left me with her bookshelf exposed and She knows how dangerous that can be

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