09 March 2008


Racing motorbikes

A rare number.
The peeps that read this blog and race or used to race motorbikes = 1, Herr Doktor Stu, I think, talk if I am wrong.
If you race and win before you are 16, you are amazed and overwhelmed by all the female adulation.
Then you win when you are over 18 years old and you know what to do with all this female adulation, you screw your little heart out.
Then you lose and lose and lose and you say "FUCK THEM", I will drink more.
And you lose and lose and drink out your last dollar/rand/kwacha/franc and you lose your evelasting love.
You then logicaly drink more until you have no credit/friends/sponsors left.
Excersize, practice and many more losses follow.
A new, real life, with a woman that loves you and a career (In all motorsports a carreer is anything more than two years) follows. You win a few.
You find that you are not suitable or big/strong/quick enough for the next level.
What your Dad and Grandad said all those years ago now comes into play, how silly.
You work and study and work and study and concentrate and 20 years later you are on the top of your bunch.
Now mister/miss/mrss/ms politician who failed at all the hurdles of life want to take 50% OR MORE of your earnings to give to those that did not even try like her/himself.
Fuck them again.
I nearly won the 80 cc championship, I am glad that I never made it to that level of adulation.
After that "loss" I built my life, and my disasters on my now diminished persona, and I have survived rather well.
Sport, they say, builds character, but show me a great man or woman that came from sport, except of course, some great coaches.
So what do we, the 99% of peeps, that are not brilliant at sports, do.
We live and we live brilliantly, we love and grow in a varied and complex world, without the simplicity of a sporting complex.
We fight, squables, wars and whatever comes our way.
We fall in and out of love.
We battle to make the mortage payment.
We meet bitches and bastards.
We love them and leave them.
If I had the resolve of an ordinary grown man when I was 16 years old I would be a very dull, stupid and very conceited world champion.
Hey, can I show you my bank vault, ach pleeese
In my later life when I could tell sponsors to go fuck themselves, I did race in the Formula 1000, but found that, although I won a race or two/three in 1982, that I could not put all on the line.
My Lust for Life were with my Baby and my Wife.
The quickness and the power of a big bike was not enough.
Please tell us about your undying love to for your first go-cart.

Ole Phat Stu said...
Vintage 1965

... you're a philosopher, Keesie.... and I tend to agree with you......Eric
Homepage 03.12.08 - 4:14 pm #
Vintage 1965 :-

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