22 March 2008


A lonely tear

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Not for the lions or the elephants or even the piece of meat they are eating.
Today Guyk was crying for "Sgt. Joe" that he met at a PT clinic, I cried with him as the post developed before my misty eyes.
I understand that Guyk and all the commenter’s are and will always be Americans.
I have known and still and still know many Sgt. Joe's that have given everything for freedom that were not Americans.
I have assisted with my time and money and skills in their rehabilitation, some successful, some not.
All men, not only American men are capable of deeds beyond the call of duty.
The Africa that I love will disappear, despite the terrible wars that I participated in.
I do believe that I extended that disappearance by the 10 or 20 years we retarded the full onset of socialism with.
I have no scar's beside the mental one's and for those there is only one solution, resolve.
I had a long discusion with myself (3 to 4 seconds) wether this post should stand alone or be incoporated into a larger picture. Hence.
Second 4 to 5 refers you to a second Post

You are right my friend.
There are men and women all over this earth fighting the good fight for the freedom that we believe is given to us by our creator.. not by governments.
Freedom does not necessarily mean equality but it does mean the right for a chance to pursue ones goals in life without the hindrance of oppressive government.
Freedom does not mean that there will not be law... law is neccessary to keep a society from chaos.
But freedom does mean that no laws should be created to oppress one part of a society in order to benefit another part of a society.
Freedom does not mean that one will be free from bigotry nor racial prejudice..
such is a human defense mechanism that is
As old as the course of human events.. a reaction against the unknown or a reaction against someone different than ourselves that we either do not understand or do not want to understand.
But freedom does mean that governments will not support bigotry and racial prejudice.
Freedom does not guarantee that one will become materially wealthy.. but it does guarantee the opportunity to try if that is one's desire..
Thanks my friend.
I have no doubt you have in fact done your part to slow down the slide into socialism in your country..
and there are millions on earth trying to do the same every day.
I salute you sir.. and those millions.
GUYK Homepage 03.22.08 - 11:29 pm #

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