10 February 2008



While looking for Craig's Castle as a friend said that he enjoyed staying there, Crathes Castle came up, and the name of SWG cropped up in the search results

Here he is ready to storm Crathes Castle. In his own words and photos.

I have often proclaimed my ignorance of all things geeky and computery.
So when a small menu popped up, on the SWG blog, asking me whether I want to enter "Scotland Super Seekrit" I was amazed, but clicked yes in any case.
The mind boggles.

Try as I might now I cannot gain access to that page again. Maybe MuNu just had a tempory security loss. Eric you'd better be carefull.

You can take Kees out of the bush, but you can't take the bush out of Kees

I was going to say that that's almost an affront to all true Scots - but hey, Eric's a redhead and married to a Scottish woman, so I guess I can let it pass. I doubt he's got the legs to really pull off a kilt though....

Mark Homepage 02.11.08 - 6:43 pm #

Where's the shovel? Where's the shovel? If there ain't no shovel, it ain't real Eric.

RedNeck Homepage 02.11.08 - 6:00 pm #

This...so wrong, and yet so right...

Elisson Homepage 02.11.08 - 1:09 pm #

Hah... beautiful!

I mean, poor Eric. Everybody's always picking on him...

That 1 Guy Homepage 02.11.08 - 4:56 am #

What a studly visage young Eric doth present.

Winston Homepage 02.11.08 - 4:44 am #


Rodger Schultz Homepage 02.11.08 - 12:51 am #

... bhwhahahah.... I've been banned from wearing kilts, Oom Keesie....

Eric Homepage 02.10.08 - 5:17 pm #

oh, man, that's good, you are the master!

holder Homepage 02.10.08 - 4:20 pm #

Oh my. That last one, especially...quite rich. Eric does serve as a wonderful muse of sorts, doesn't he?

Erica Homepage 02.10.08 - 2:35 pm #

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