26 February 2008


How does this happen?

Over on my disgusting site I had a jump from 2 visist per day to over 90 vists per day for a period of almost 2 months and now back to 2 per day.
All of the hits came from google image searches for thongs, and on page 97 or so of the search this disgusting photoshop, excecuted by me, appeared

How does this google thing work?
Why did the hits stop?
Are all the perverts now satisfied?


yeah, I'll get from 75 to 100 google hits a day..some of them kind of wierd such as the ones looking for a 14 year old Indian Virgin.
I wrote a post when I first started on how to cook AmberJack..I get three or four googles a day on it alone. I have one today on liberalism vs conservatism and another on the belly rub..Texas Two step.
But they all count the same on the site meter and helps that 300 plus average..not that it makes a damn..it all pays the same..NADA..NADA gotdam penny.
GUYK Homepage 02.27.08 - 12:26 am #

I think these Google Searches keep blogs alive. I simply wrote about a nice lime-vanilla custard that I made a few weeks ago, and now I've got "pour custard in my panties" on my search word list!
People are really hungry...
Bonita Homepage 02.26.08 - 6:38 pm #

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