04 February 2008


Cruel and inhumane punishment

I am and I have been a serious student of human history, despite multitudes who think, "KNOT".
I have lived a Chinese curse from unknowns of (live an interesting live), unexplainable, out of the centre, gross, inhumane, sorry, blessed, scary, obnoxious, stupid, clever, racist, kaffir boetie, secret, spy, joiner, sellout, vermin, pseudo intellectual, intellectual, pragmatist, warmonger, drunk, power hungry, following the money god, scared, but never a socialist.

I have done posts like this before but more violent and more drunk and have deleted them on my own or by shouted advice by Rex , Hammer actually used the term "interesting life" in one of his comments on one of the deleted posts.

So with that in mind and reading and thinking about the Great White Sloth's (Thanks Vman) post on Good... I ratchet my brain into thinking clearly, in English (Thanks’ Eli) and start a thought process on humanity.

"The Executioners" on the CI network, defined my critical thoughts on this.

I told my wife that I would not lose one second of my life in reflection if I had do the execution of a criminal that had that sentence announced upon "it".
Life is sacred and other bullshit conversation followed.
So why do I have an opinion like that.
I was born in the Apartheid years of the 1000 year Reich of the AFRIKANER awakening.
There is nothing as strong as the feeling that you are sitting just one step under GOD, what you see is what you control.
I started and finished 12 years of primary and secondary schooling as the smallest and smartest kid in every year.
Fights because I could speak English, could spell, could do math's, could recite history followed, I toughened up after a hundred or so and could lick anybody in my school from standard 7 and onwards.

As a pointer here I must confess that I hounded the bullies that whipped me when I was younger and fucked their faces up with my new found skills for a good few years after I matriculated from High School, Braam being the exception, he died young.
Fuck their ideological asses.

I was called up (no choice) to do my national service into an Infantry Battalion (read what Acidman reported about Infantry) , this is still true to this day.

I also grew 3 inches from 5'9 to 6' in that year.

My Dad, a very wise man) told me to volunteer for everything.
I did, I ended in 1Parabat, where I learned the skills of weaponry that boosted and assisted my natural skills of shooting and veldcraft.

I did the normal South African Male thing by hiding and dodging the draft for a few years (There were so many chicks, so many music festivals, so many booze-ups) and then grew up and realised, fuck it, it is the commies we are fighting.

For this story I am mixing the war in Angola & Mozambique into one timeframe.

Both wars are touted by the MSM and the ANC (Commies) as aggressions by THE PRETORIA REGIME, fuck that, they were blatant attempts by the USSR to gain possessions in Africa.
So I mobilised and fought.

To get back to my story.

I witnessed:
Unwarranted merciless killing.
Torture to death of opposing POW'S.
Indiscriminate bombing of civilians.
Murder by soldiers.
Murder by civilians, for personal gain
Killing of colleagues and friends
Rapes of the most grotesque kind.
The rape and murder of a woman by a fellow soldier of mine.
Murder of countless children.

I did:
Killing of people by long range weapons, where there were most probably civilians involved.
Killing people by short range.
Plan to kill the rapist/murderer in my unit, how he got to the front as a cook, nobody but god knows, but he is dead now/then.

So why would I worry about a bunch of commies, who get their facts from the commie MSM, pontificating about Cruel and Inhumane punishment.
Do they mean for animals or humans?
According to them I should treat my pet tiger the same as my child?

Fuck that, humans are humans as gross and nice as they come, if anyone oversteps the boundaries, that are set by other humans, in such a manner they can be classified as a lower specie, I will execute that order, if given to me.

Of course they pay these folks far too little money to attract me from my comfy civilian life, and maybe, just maybe, my aim is not what it used to be.

On the advice of my commandant I went to see a psychiatrist and after listening for about 15 minutes he asked me if he could record my stories for his children, the army paid in any case.

If somebody has murdered a other body in cold blood, the death sentence is not Cruel and Inhumane punishment.

If That bitch that stopped the use of DDT should be exhumed and burned as a black witch it would not be cruel and the ones that followed her should be flogged until they die, if only for "I know what is good for YOU", sentimental ignorance, for the untold millions of deaths they caused I can only describe death by malaria, it would be too fair.

KeesAK47Kennis rests his case.

Your mileage may differ.

You can take Kees out of the bush, but you can't take the bush out of Kees

DDT residue may still haunt our growing fields here in the USA, even after it's disuse; organic gardeners sprout their stuff there, and then package the produce as 'Organic'. All of us little elitists who think we are eating wholesome food, and putting out big bucks for it, are hood-winked and cheated. I think spiritual contamination is the ace-card played.We can get so twisted, we don't see straight. I'm glad you saw things clearly, and held your integrity.
Bonita Homepage 02.05.08 - 8:17 pm #

People who lower themselves to less than humanity also forfeit any humanitarian considerations as well.People who commit unspeakable acts should be hunted down and executed like a rabid dog.And I agree totally regarding DDT. It's a travesty that they sacrifised so many lives due to soft bird eggs.
hammer Homepage 02.05.08 - 5:34 am #

.... fuck, Keesie, I need to come to Africa...... but may I bring a weapon or will you arm me once I arrive?.......
Eric Homepage 02.05.08 - 4:33 am #

I agree with you entirely.Luckily, I haven't had to experience war at firsthand, though I know many who have. I don't think those of us who have not been there can fairly judge the feelings and actions of those like yourself who have had to function under those conditions, while still trying to act like a civilized person. There are people out there, however, like the ones you describe, who have lost their humanity in dealing with innocent people, and have no regrets for the things they do out of sheer meanness. To me those people have lost their right to be treated as people, and should be dealt with like any other dangerous vermin. Just my opinion.
BobG Homepage 02.05.08 - 4:24 am #

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