24 February 2008


Crocs taking a bath

Or is it: Crocs's taking a bath.
Or: Croc's taking a bath.

How do you solve the catastrophe in the heading?
The Cat's Mother scrubs everything.
And, yes they are all hers, with two pairs not here.


Ya, those crocs are somethin else. My wife and I just went to vegas last week and she bought a pair at the airport here in Houston. She wore them the first day and by bed time that night in Vegas, she had bad blisters across the top of her feet. They are comfortable (so I hear) but im sure that you need to break them in before they become that way.

Dad of the Doodsters Homepage 02.26.08 - 4:27 am #

I can understand this. Between my wife and 16 year old daughter, I can sure understand. Try finding anything in their closet other than shoes not happening.
By the way thanks for stoping by my little blog.
Old Soldier Homepage 02.24.08 - 8:31 pm #

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