23 February 2008


Caption it

My caption.

As he was told Rex put up a blind at the first "deer sign"and waited.

This shite came about because I found the piccie below and thought that I can do better, but the crappy small photographs that Rex puts up at his blog is impossible to work with.

Ah well, blame anything except my shitty photoshop skills.

In Namibia I shot a kudu on the "langplaas" (longfarm = road) and my buddy and me broke off a Kudu Crossing sign and another road sign to use as levers to load the kudu onto the back of my van. We were clever enough to destroy the signs and not keep them as a mementos.

Kudu on the langplaas


Shhh! You are giving away all my hunting secrets.
Rex Homepage 02.23.08 - 4:03 pm #

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