04 January 2008



And I don't mean this kind.
When I am not swamped by work(CM:WhenTF is that?) I read a lot.
0= Zero Pages per week
A lot = 1000 pages per week.

Also "History is in the eye of the blind" See "Famous Quotes by Kees"

So this holiday I am +_ on page 1,500 or thereabout.

Lefties, I said, an understatement of massive proportions

A biography of a continent.

by John, Reader, is a case in point.
It reminds me of a small child that won't or can't understand simple facts.
All the faults/problems/fiasco's of Africa come from the Slave Trade, the Arabs, the colonial empire builders, the First world war, the Second world war and whites in general of course.
If he has to attach blame to a African (a darker one I mean) he cushions the blow with a page or so of excuses.
The fact that the countries mostly became communistic or socialistic states is either condoned or not mentioned.

I know I could have put the book down, but as an old joke goes.
JOHN (a Lefty) meets PETE (a Righty) at a big Lefty Meeting.
JOHN: "Hi there PETE, why are you here, have you seen the LIGHT and decided to change sides?"
PETE: "Hi JOHN, no, I am only keeping my disgust fresh"
Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Years break.

Ha. A belated happy new year to you and yours Kees.
Libby Spencer Homepage 01.06.08 - 6:37 pm #


... tell me about Zambia, Kees.... I think I've just about decided to take a trip down (or up) the Zambezi...
Eric Homepage 01.05.08 - 3:19 am #


Is that what happened in Africa..I heard it all was because somebody told them to get down out of them trees and live in them Jim Walters houses..

GUYK Homepage 01.04.08 - 7:21 pm #

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