09 October 2007


When brains and balls do or don't work together

In another country far far away.

A young man from that far away country worked in a neighboring country, where he earned far more than he ever could in his home country.
Passports was at that time was not a right but a "gift" from the government to those selected, "to be withdrawn at the discretion of any government official"
The condition for this young man's passport was to be a monthly report on all that he saw in this foreign country.
Easy, write about nothing and fill the pages with words that don't mean anything.
This seemed to work for the first 6 months or so, until a summons to come and see Mr. Big.
Now Mr. B and the YM have never met and neither knew dust about the other.

The meeting took place at a private airstrip in the foreign country.
No cordial greetings or other pleasantries was involved. Mr. B started to tell the YM exactly what he thought about the reports. All fair and square until this point.
Then Mr. B looked up and saw the utter disregard and contempt in the YM's eyes.
Constraints were swept aside and a vicious verbal personal attack on the YM was launched. The young man tempered in harsher fires that Mr. B could muster was now openly laughing and then got up, picked up his bag, and left without a backward glance.

The passport was never withdrawn even though not even a sham report was ever written again.


Interesting. Sounds like a weird way to do government business.
hammer Homepage 10.09.07 - 7:09 pm #


KK: Hammer this is what happens when the government becomes the arbiter of all things.
hmmmmmm, there is a whole lot more to this story than what you have written.

Rex Homepage 10.09.07 - 6:40 pm #
KK: Yes.

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