10 October 2007


Resistance is futile

On the project that I am working on we have to divert a big river.
The above pic's are of the diversion channel. The DC is 8 km (5.3 miles) long, 50 m wide and 3 meters deep.
That makes this anthill more than 30 ft tall.
This is also typical of a construction crew chasing production and leaving the tough bits for later.
guess they are waiting on a truck load of government regulated ant-eaters to clear that area.
Rex Homepage 10.12.07 - 11:01 pm #
Tough stuff that ant spit.
hammer Homepage 10.12.07 - 6:35 pm #
I've heard those things can be hard as concrete. What'll you do? Dynomite it, leave it for the new river to desolve it, bulldoze it again?
K-nine Homepage 10.12.07 - 4:32 am #
KK: Hi K-nine. Yes the are hard but with todays equipment like a D9 or a 80 ton excavator they stand no chance. The one pictured was gone the next day.
Removing them with a pick and spade is another thing.

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