09 October 2007


Words from the veld

The SNARL as demonstrated by Louis above is responsible for a hell of a lot of dirty underpants.
The Snarl travels further than anyone would guess and this is more so when the day is waning.

If you are actualy on the spoor of this particular lion and you want to shoot it the Snarl travels even further and penetrates right into your brain.
The darker it gets the clearer you can hear the accompanying noises, the Hoarse breath, the twitching tail. By now the lion knows that you mean it harm and from now on out will do anything in its power to harm and kill you first.

Ok the sun has set.

Sweet dreams all.

Sjoe - ek moet se ek kry nog steeds nagmerries van daai aand toe ons hom by tandala gehoor het. This is not a kitty that you want in your back yard - he makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up - the feeling that you are now quite certain that you are not at the top of the foodchain, in fact you had better find a cave to hide in - The magic of Africa.
Vida 10.06.07 - 1:51 pm #

Gad, he's gorgeous. I need him in my neighborhood.
Kim Homepage 09.29.07 - 5:27 am #
Magnificent animal, isn't he?

BobG Homepage 09.28.07 - 6:55 pm #

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