25 September 2007



I have been lying arround for the last week feeling like shit and almost dying.

The bite, the fever, 3 hours at 39.5 C (103.1 F ), the quinine kicking in, 2 days of extreme heat and dryness, liters and liters of drips, slowly taking in water, slowly rehydrating slowly recovering etc.


I love her so much
The Cat’s Mother, that is, all hail
My beautiful wife and friend


Also my biggest thank's and appreciation the the Doctors and staff at the Chingola Hospital.




I'm so sorry I'm late in giving you my most heartfelt "feel betters"! Holy crap. Be well. This sucks.

Kim Homepage 09.29.07 - 5:28 am #
I hope your feeling better.

Becky Homepage 09.29.07 - 4:43 am #
Malaria? Why, that's almost as bad as Mogo on the Gogogo! Hope you have a speedy and complete recovery, Keesie. This is not one of those Fun Diseases...except you can drink Gin and Tonic all day long and say it's medicine.

Elisson Homepage 09.28.07 - 7:10 pm #


You are a very lucky man to have the Cat's mother. Feel better soon Keesie.

Maeve Homepage 09.27.07 - 2:36 pm #


They've got a hospital in Chingola, now? Wow, when I was in Solwezi, the nearest hospital was in Kitwe (or was it Ndola?). Anyway at least 30 miles further away.Get well soon, Kees.

Oubaas 09.27.07 - 2:14 pm #


quit lying around dying and get back to blogging, hope you feel better soon

Rex Homepage 09.26.07 - 9:04 pm #


Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery.

Erica Homepage 09.25.07 - 1:58 pm #


oh, Keesie! Take care of your self and tell Cat's Mother we said thanks for looking after you. I hear popsicles always make you feel better.

holder Homepage 09.26.07 - 1:39 pm #
Holy cannoli! That's a bitch. I wish you a speedy and complete recovery.

Jim - PRS Homepage 09.26.07 - 12:15 pm #
I spent enough time in SE Asia that I reckon I should have come down with it but I reckon them damn quinine pills I had to take evey morning just kept it at bay.Wishing you a speedy recovery and all hale and well soon.

GUYK Homepage 09.26.07 - 2:36 am #
Hope you are well soon. That sure is some bad stuff. Take care.nickel1942 09.26.07 - 2:13 am #
Damn bummer. At least it wasn't the yellow jack.

Velociman Homepage 09.25.07 - 9:42 pm #
I thought you were on another vacation and having a good time. Glad you are feeling better.

LeeAnn 09.25.07 - 7:46 pm #
My uncle got that in Burma during WWII; he used to get flare-ups every summer for the rest of his life, even 60 years later.

BobG Homepage 09.25.07 - 7:25 pm #
Oh crap. Glad you are getting good care.I hope you have a speedy recovery.

hammer Homepage 09.25.07 - 6:44 pm #
Eish! I was wondering why you were so quite... Hope you have a good recovery and no relapses. It is a horrid bug.

RobC Homepage 09.25.07 - 2:17 pm #

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