12 September 2007


Life as she is

More than a year ago I posted a photoshopped pic and now find a reason to mutilate it further.

In this context the cut out guys dont have a place here anymore.

As we used to say when we were kids, and who can argue that any man has ever grown up, Vman and Key, is now an Item.

Congrats to both of you.

I do find that the rest of the faceless gang look more handsome in this pic.



Crap, I haven't seen that picture in a while. I do look quite handsome although perhaps a bit pale.

Richard Homepage 09.24.07 - 5:39 pm #


... damn, I look good.....

Eric Homepage 09.21.07 - 10:58 pm #
Bottom Line: I'm the only one drinking, and my sweet baby Key was squeezing my ass...not Velociman's. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Anyway, most of us being Southern Gentlemen...we do wear hoods like that after midnight.


Where in th fuck did you get that picture?

Sam Homepage 09.20.07 - 8:49 pm #
Bottom line: I was the only one drinking, and my sweet baby Key was squeezing my ass...not Velociman's...I think.


Sam Homepage 09.20.07 - 8:41 pm #
Hey....I like. That's the funhouse mirror pic.

Key Homepage 09.15.07 - 7:07 pm #


Thank you, Keesie. Although I feel eerily like we's in the midst of an Invisible Man gangbang there!

Velociman Homepage 09.13.07 - 3:14 am #

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